Baby Jones - Week 5 & 6

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Digi says PREGGO!
I still can't quite believe it.

This week, we decided to tell immediate family; just our parents and siblings. We did this because we decided that if (heaven forbid) something goes wrong, we'll have that extra bit of support at the end of a phone if we needed it. We've also talked about when and how we're going to announce it to everyone else. So far, we're thinking we'll do it around the 8 week mark. Purely because, I'm already bursting to tell people and by then I personally think I'm going to have a bit of a belly. It's only bloating at the minute, but I can definitely tell that something is different with my body.

This week so far, my eating has curbed a little, although I have still been incredibly tired and I've not wanted to cook a single thing. I've become really sensitive to smell and the smallest nasty scent makes me gag; i.e. lifting the bin lid for a millisecond. Luckily I haven't actually started being sick yet, so I'm still waiting for that to hit me.
The only other symptoms I've had so far have been sore boobs, plus they all of a sudden feel mahoosive, and cramps. That part's kind of scary, but I keep telling myself that it's probably normal and I should expect it considering things are going on in that region. A lot of people describe them as stretching pains and I'd definitely agree with them.

Today we booked our doctors appointment to get it confirmed by them, and I guess get the ball rolling with maternity appointments. Unfortunately our doctors are rather busy and it isn't until Friday next week, so by then I should be verging on the 7 week mark.

This week 'tiny tool' (if you don't understand the nickname, I'll explain below.) is the size of a sweet pea and is working on developing his/her lungs.

Isn't that insane!

Tiny tool - Liam and his friend have a gaming youtube channel called VGToolbox. Their suscribers are called tools. Hence, I'm growing a tiny tool in my belly.

Week 6

This week I've felt absolutely horrendous and I haven't really wanted to sit in front of my computer screen much. Therefore, I haven't got a written post, but you can see my video update below.

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  1. Aww, the first few months are the hardest but although you'll feel bloated, people wont be able to tell until you're well past the 12 week mark! We waited until then to announce it to people (just in case something happened)! But family knew as soon as we did and I was 6 weeks gone when I found out!! The Dr's appointment for me was so disappointing so hopefully for you, it's a little more exciting!

    Cant wait to read more of these! Congratualtions! :)


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