Baby Jones - Week 4

So this was the week that I found out I was pregnant. It seemed like such a slow process, but I think deep down, even before the positive test, I knew.
For roughly a week before my missed period, I was tired and worn out. I seemed to be getting lots of odd moments of nausea. Just the smallest things turned my stomach. On top of that, I was pigging out like craaazyy. I wanted to contantly graze on junk food.
I missed my period on the 11th September and took my first test on  the 12th. It was negative. Or atleast I couldn't see anything. The day after, I took another test and saw a shadow of something. I decided to find a forum and get opinions of others. Liam had already gone to work, and even when he did see it, he was adamant that there was nothing there. That first day on the forum taught me so much. Several women said that they could too see the line and suggest a 'tweak'. So I went ahead and had a play with the image.
I could definitely see something.
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The next day I took the same kind of test and got the same kind of result, although I think this time it was a little darker becasue Liam admitted he could see something, but didn't think it was a positive.
On the Saturday I picked up an early response. Man, tests can get pricey!
Sunday morning, I took that test and waited. The test said that most result show up within 5 minutes, but can take up to 15 minutes to show, so if you do get something within that time frame, then it's probably positive.
It was positive.
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At this point we didn't want to get too excited/nervous. So waited yet another day.
Monday morning I took a test strip, like the first. These one's have a lower sensitivity to hcg so if I was definitely pregnant, it would hopefully show by now.
It did.
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It seems tests photograph really light, but in real life it looks quite a bit darker. I did a little tweak just so it was clear. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So this is where I am now. It's Tuesday, and I messed up a clearblue digi this morning. I was so nervous that I didn't read the instructions and didn't do it properly. Poop. That's £7.50 down the drain and still no certain answer.
We're pretty sure we are having a baby, but it would be nice to see the word 'pregant' on a test, rather that a line of dye. All I've felt so far in anxious, and tired. I'm still incredibly tired.
I don't feel like I want to pig out so much right now, but my stomach is ridiculously bloated.
Hopefully, we can pop to the shop tonight and pick up another digi; and I'll do it right this time.

Sorry this post has been really long winded. My updates as of now won't be so long, but I just wanted to share it all with you guys.
 I'm so excited for this new chapter of our lives and I cannot wait to press publish on this post!

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  1. I must have done 7 or 8 cheap tests and thrown them away before the line developed haha. I bought a £10 one and the plus positive sign came up, then I took one of the Clear Blue digital tests and it confirmed it. I can believe I did so many tests!


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