#FridayFitness - A New Chapter

Hi beauties!

This week has been much better than the last. Thanks to the heat, I still haven't kicked up my exercise yet, but now it seems to be cooling down a little, I'm hoping I can get back on that bike. 

Eating wise, I feel like I am gaining control again. We've been trying to use up the food we have in our freezer, this way we can fill both that and our fridge with goodness. 

I've decided to begin a new journey in this eating and fitness series. Liam won't be joining me and I honestly wouldn't make him. But, I have chosen to become vegetarian, for the most part. The only thing that I think I'll miss is sushi, so I will be allowing myself that every so often. It's not really something I eat regularly though. 
I've wanted to do this for such a long time and I feel this is a good excuse to jump on the veggie bandwagon. 

This week I have managed to lose the weight I put back on last week, and I'm hoping it will continue. After looking back at the photos from last Sunday, I now realise how big I actually am. When I look in the mirror, it doesn't seem too bad, but as soon as I see a photo. I just feel absolutely sick. Does this happen to anyone else? 

From now one, veggies are my friends. 
Time to start a new chapter.

Start weight...
This week...

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  1. I've been vegetarian for 10 years and I don't eat fish because I'm allergic. I love being veggie and experimenting with my food - best way of life <3



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