The outfit posts that got left behind.

Hey, lovelies!

A little while back I spent the afternoon shooting some outfit photos. I kept a few of the back for a rainy day, but then proceeded to change my hair, and I simply forgot all about them. 
Whilst flicking through my photo folders last night, I came across them and figured I would post them today before I forget about them again. 

Pictures8 Hat - Primark
Cross Top - George @ Asda (DIY)
Jacket - Charity Shop
Disco Pants - Glamorous
Boots - Ebay

Scarf - ??
Tank top - Primark
Jacket - Unwritten Hollywood
Disco Pants - Glamorous
Shoes - New Look

It's really weird seeing me wearing those shoes. They're now dead and gone, all chewed up by Mr.Bug. Problem is, now I don't own one single pair of pumps. Hurry Christmas, I need to do shopping for myself! Haha. 

I'd totally planned on filming a couple of beauty videos today, but I seem to have had an allergic reaction to something and my skin is as dry as a desert.

Can you believe it's the 11th already?
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  1. Love the cross tee and camo jacket!

    Love, Rachel

  2. I love the top, even more at the fact its DIY.


  3. Love the cross tee Sam, it's fab. Really liking the Primark beanie too. x


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