Hi, lovelies!

Last night was the night of the #northernbloggersxmasparty. The party was arranged by the lovely Rachel from notesfrommycloset.blogspot.co.uk and was held at The Park inn hotel, York. 
It was an absolutely amazing night! 


I got ready far too early, but I was really happy with the outcome of a couple of hours playing with my make-up stash. 
I also painted a couple of layers of Deborah Lippmanns Razzle Dazzle onto my nails. 


 My outfit for the night comprised of -
DRESS - Charity shop (BHS)
 JACKET - Blog sale (Matalan) 
BOOTS - Nelly 

Sorry about the not so greatly laid out photos. Liam took them for me, moments before I had to leave the house.
Organised Sam had turned into a very unorganised Sam by this point.


The room where the party was held was filled with lots of round tables with the most pretty center pieces. Sarah and I debated if we could get away with pinching it. Haha.
 After a little confusion, we found that our table was labelled for Freelance writers. We were all pretty chuffed with that. I felt all fancy!
 The night was filled with Christmas crackers, ridiculously yummy food, secret santa and a lot of dancing. Oh, and one rather merry fello who decided to pick on our table. He seemed to be everywhere!! (You'll see him on the vlog!)

SAM_1912 Pictures3

Towards the end of the evening, we found a cute spot on the hotel stairs to take some outfit photos. I figured I would show you all what we were all wearing!

At eleven, we all started to head home. 
I got back to mine a half past twelve, and proceeded to stay up until half past three to get the vlog edited and uploaded. You can watch it below!

Also, if you would like to go and check out the blogs of all of the other girlies, the links are as follows...
Rachel - http://www.notesfrommycloset.blogspot.com/ 
Sarah - http://www.bowsandblushx.blogspot.co.uk
Laura - http://www.aforteforfashion.co.uk
Sally - http://www.rainydayfaces.com
Fiona - http://maid-in-scotland.blogspot.co.uk/
Caroline - http://www.starsandthebutterflies.com
Sarah - Blogs a comin' @ramblesandcakes on twitter
Thank you again to Rachel, who arranged it all, and spoilt us with prezzies!!


  1. Looking lovely, that dress is gorgeous and your eye make up is amazing x

  2. Lovely post Sam! :) I'm glad you had fun! I laughed SO hard when I saw you caught the over friendly/on-something guy on film! :) Hopefully see you again soon!

    Love, Rachel


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