My LFW Experience - Timur Kim S/S13

Hello, my lovelies!

I have been rambling on about this weekend for weeks and I can finally share my experience with you. Although I do warn you, it's very picture heavy.

As you know, I won a competition and became a VIPmakebeliever for MakeBelieve Tan and one of the prizes was a ticket to a LFW show. 

We started our journey at nine in the morning, travelling from Leeds to Nottingham, where I picked up Sally, and then continued on down south. Luckily, my mum has a pub not too far from London, so we were able to park the car there and train it into the city. It also meant we all had somewhere to kip for the night.


After a long 7 hours of travelling, we arrived in sunny London. All I can say is, thank goodness for iPhones, or else probably wouldn't of found our way to Freemasons Hall. 
Once we had found it, we joined the queue for the Timur Kim show and waiting until the line started to move. The atmosphere was amazing. People really go all out for fashion week. Some outfits were incredibly unique, and I have to say I felt rather under dressed. Although, I did have a couple of girls ask for a photo of my jacket.


I think the excitement really hit us when we got inside, after all, none of us had ever attended anything like this before. The hall was stunning. We followed the crowd and were shown to our seats. Front row. Well, thanks to the genius seating plan, everyone pretty much had front row seats. But, we were literally two meters away from the media photographers and I felt like a very small fish in a very large, fashionable pond.
We did have a little mishap with seating, which resulted in me nearly having a panic attack, and Sally having to move, but we all laughed about it later and the show began. 
Now for all the photos. Enjoy! 
(Sorry about the water marks. I wouldn't normally, but I'm so proud of these, I wanted to keep them safe.)

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The show was very much blue and white. Starting off with some amazing denim and silk pieces, the designs were beautifully tailored . Moving through the show, the fabrics became lighter with addition of lace and paisley prints, but very much staying within the colour palette. 
We saw incredible see through jackets, in which we all agreed would be perfect for those times when you have to cover up, but still want to show off your outfit. 
1950's inspired silhouettes were created with brilliantly cut, knee length dresses which were simple, yet stunning.
My favourite pieces have to be the knee length dress with the strapless lacy top, the white halter neck maxi with blue print and a criss cross back, tied at the waist, and Ebony and I were both in awe of the gorgeous, almost sheer, tailored pyjama style trousers. 

The show was about fifteen minutes long and I will never forget the sound of the hundreds of camera shutters going off at once. Heaven.

DSC_0061 LFWSpringSummer201317

After the show, we scooped up our goody bags and headed down to the exhibition hall. We spoke to a couple of the designers and actually got invited to an event being held some time in October. I won't go on about this too much, but some of the pieces were to die for. So many unique concepts and designs. Beautiful eye catching colours and interesting ideas. I may do a further post on what I saw in there later in the week. 

We left the Freemasons and went for a wonder. We took our outfit photos (post coming later today) and went for something to eat. We ended out night tottering down Oxford Street, making the mistake of going into Urban Outfitters and drooling over everything we couldn't afford, then hopping on the tube to head back to mums. 

It's safe to say we were all shattered because we were fast asleep by just gone eleven. We got up at half seven the next day and began out very long journey back up north, hitting every bit of traffic we could on the M1.

I want to say an absolute huge thank you to MakeBelieve for providing us with the tickets, including the extra one which Ebony made use of. It was an incredible experience and something I will never forget. 
I made a couple of great new friends in Sally and Ebony and we are all determined to go again next year, for the whole weekend! 

I think I may just have caught the London Fashion Week bug. 


  1. Absolutely love this! Could you possibly send me through some pictures? Does't have to be ones you've used if you don't want me copying, haha. So gutted that my camera skills/and or camera are still sadly lacking.
    Bring on next year! xx

  2. Absolutely love this! Could you possibly send me through some pictures? Does't have to be ones you've used if you don't want me copying, haha. So gutted that my camera skills/and or camera are still sadly lacking.
    Bring on next year! xx


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